Project definition

What is the impact of pedagogical practice under current social and cultural circumstances and how does it refer to these conditions? The Praxislabor explores this question by offering theoretical insights and practical experience and by reflecting preconditions and terms of pedagogical practice.

So far the work of the Praxislabor has revealed the view on a double perspective: On the one hand there is an outbound reference concerning educational conceptions and their possibilities to enable practical ways of realisation, on the other hand there is an inbound reference on self-reflexive processes of trainers and participants concerning contents and choices of the studies of pedagogy. Interlacing of inward and outward perspective demands a permanent revision and updating of the choice structure of the study course. It helps to adjust basic theoretical demands to the demands of the occupational field.

We are looking for and welcoming cooperations with partners inside as well as outside of university. Our aim is to exchange experiences as well as to develop common projects in various fields of pedagogy.